Gran Gala Flamenco at Teatre Poliorama

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PreviousNovember 2024

In this show the spectator will be able to discover the intensity of the passion in gipsies life through times, moving through the different “palos” of flamenco (rhythmic patterns such as “bulería”, festive and happy, “solea”, solemn and concentrate, “alegría”, dynamic and fluid, “tango”, “guajira”, “farruca”...) Introducing the new Catalonian generation of flamenco artists, Gran Gala Flamenco offers a perfect union of heart and soul, music and dance, passion and rithm. A unique and unforgettable gift from the heart of Spain

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Poliorama Theatre

The Poliorama Theatre is to be found on the ground floor of the Barcelona Royal Academy of Science and Arts at 115 La Rambla. 


It was designed by the architect Josep Domènech i Estapà and was inaugurated in 1894. During the Spanish Civil War it was at the centre of many facts described by George Orwell in his book “A Homage to Catalonia”.

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Performances: Fr 15 Mar 2024,